Whether it is the staff at PPI, a print business owner, or a passionate worker, we love to talk about Visual Communications! EVC tends to focus specifically on high schools and Community Colleges, but we would love to share with groups of any size or age! Visual Communications needs hard-working individuals from all walks of life, are you looking for an opportunity to give your students an idea of potential careers after school? Our industry has a wide range of careers for all education levels and many skills. From Warehousing to graphic design, to sales, let us show your class the wonders of printing in an engaging and practical presentation and discussion. To get started, Email to discuss your needs and get connected with the best presenter. 

We also love the opportunity to attend a number of local school career fairs. Is your school hosting a career event? We would love to join you as an industry representative. Email us with information and we will be sure to attend if we are able.